Light Steel Construction Profiles

  • Industrial buildings,
  • Residences,
  • Factory buildings,
  • Business and shopping centers,
  • Light steel columns, light steel trusses ,roof purlin profiles in U,C,M,Z forms.
  • Produced from galvanized,hot or cold sheet metal
  • Desired length,
  • Thicknesses from 0,40mm to 8,00 mm
  • Round, oval and special forms with precise holes.
  • Up to %50 more economical, compared to regular NPI and NPU profiles with similar resistance values.

Rack Profiles

  • Perforated Rack Profiles, CC, Z traverse profiles,
  • High carrying capacity.

Solar Construction Profiles

  • C and U profiles, 
  • A wide range of section for different static calculations,
  • Easy assembly without welding.

Container Chassis Profiles

  • Various profiles for container houses, offices and workshops.
  • Production in line with the desired thickness and cross-section dimensions.

Special Section Profiles

  • Special section profiles with holes (on demand),
  • High precision.